Internal Medicine

bigstock-Young-girl-happy-to-lay-with-d-25726706Internal medicine deals with solutions to some of the more serious health issues of dogs and cats. We cover all areas of internal medicine, including: Cardiology; Ophthalmology; Neurology; Dermatology; Gastroenterology; Orthopedic surgery; Oncology; Endocrinology; among others.

We can treat most conditions such as:

  • Metabolic diseases, including pancreatitis
  • Lower urinary diseases, like urinary incontinence and urinary tract infections
  • Endocrine system issues, such as diabetes
  • Hematological diseases
  • Gastrointestinal diseases
  • Liver dysfunction
  • Renal disease, such as acute or chronic renal failure
  • Respiratory disorders, such as bronchitis.

Our doctors are trained to handle these situations and will do everything possible to help your pet regain health.

Our hospital is fully equipped with state-of-the art equipment and technologies that can make the critical difference if your pet needs this level of care.

No one plans for their pet to need this type of care, but in the case that it is needed, it’s a reassurance to many “pet parents” that we are here and ready with these life-extending techniques..

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Happy Pets & People

Friendly, courteous, caring service – walked away feeling like her health was important and that she got the best of care!
5 Stars
-- Mrs. Sybil Lynch and "Jazzy"
The reason I come to Wilkinson Animal Hospital is because Dr. Gill is the most knowledgeable and caring veterinarian I have ever had.
5 Stars
-- Carolyn Dunn and "Gracie"
I can truly say that I would trust them with my own health care and appreciate the doctors and staff at Wilkinson Animal Hospital.
5 Stars
-- Ruby Carr and "Bridgett"
The care and concern given to Sandy has been over and beyond our high expectations! I highly recommend you bring your pet to Wilkinson Animal Hospital.
5 Stars
-- Donald Rice and "Kade"

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