Specialty Pet Products


We only stock the products we recommend and use on our own animals. Your pets deserve the best.


For your convenience, we offer a variety of quality pet care products, such as flea and tick products, pet dental care products, brushes, leashes, pet training systems, vitamin & nutrtitional supplements, general purpose shampoos, medicated shampoos, and many other skin care products. Our knowledgable staff can help you find what your pet needs.


We carry Hill’s Prescription Diets, as we have found them to be the best when it comes to treating certain conditions that require nutritional management. Hills makes diets to help manage many common diseases such as kidney or heart disease, diabetes, liver disease, and many more. Our clients especially like Hill’s Dental Diet T/D, which helps prevent the accumulation of plaque on the teeth.


One of the most common causes of illness in pet birds is nutritional deficiencies. Many birds “pick out” the type of seed they like causing the diet to become out of balance. That’s why we carry Harrison Bird Foods, one of the best pelleted diets for pet birds. Pelleted diets have all the nutrients needed in the food, so your bird gets a correct balance of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients with every bite..

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Happy Pets & People

Friendly, courteous, caring service – walked away feeling like her health was important and that she got the best of care!
5 Stars
-- Mrs. Sybil Lynch and "Jazzy"
The reason I come to Wilkinson Animal Hospital is because Dr. Gill is the most knowledgeable and caring veterinarian I have ever had.
5 Stars
-- Carolyn Dunn and "Gracie"
I can truly say that I would trust them with my own health care and appreciate the doctors and staff at Wilkinson Animal Hospital.
5 Stars
-- Ruby Carr and "Bridgett"
The care and concern given to Sandy has been over and beyond our high expectations! I highly recommend you bring your pet to Wilkinson Animal Hospital.
5 Stars
-- Donald Rice and "Kade"

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